better range & building penetration

Systems Technologies wireless goes farther. Systems Technologies products provide range far superior to product operating at 300MHz! Why? The 900MHz wavelength is 70% shorter than 300MHz products, allowing the signal to "squeeze" through narrow opening in both commercial and residential environments. The FCC allows higher transmit powers for 900MHz spread spectrum systems. Greater transmit power result in significantly greater range. Systems Technologies Wireless offers up to 10 times the open field range of some narrow-band wireless products.

fully supervised

Automatic "self-testing" Systems Technologies products are "fully supervised" with the most frequent transmitter "check-ins" available today. Full supervision means that the transmitters automatically transmit ("check-in") to the receiver on a regular basis to test the system for low battery, tamper, and inactive status. With Systems Technologies Wireless 900MHz products, the transmitters can check-in up to once a minute - far more than any other! 300MHz systems send information on one narrow band channel. Any "in-band" interference can result in missed signals. 900MHz utilizes two broadband channels: Wireless 900MHz "C" series radio was the first wireless security system to send redundant information on more than one frequency. Systems Technologies 900MHz spread spectrum wireless sends redundant information on a multitude of different channels across a 10MHz band to maximize range and reliability.


no false alarms from interference

No false alarms from interference. Systems Technologies Wireless sophisticated 56 bit protocol eliminates false alarms due to radio interference. With over 1.3 million transmitters installed worldwide, not a single false alarm due to RF interference has ever been reported.

campus wide coverage

Whether you need coverage for a single building or a 100 acre multi-building campus, Systems Technologies has the wireless solution to enhance safety for residents and employees alike. Wireless repeaters can simply be plugged in to an AC outlet anywhere necessary to receive and boost signals from the personal pendant transmitters and other wireless nurse call and security devices. The repeaters forward the data instantly to the server and to any or all notification devices such as pagers, cell phones, radios, iPods and more. Call us today for more information on how we can make your college, office building, hospital or senior community a safer place for all.


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