VisionPro and MicroVision


Systems Technologies presents the creation of VisionPro and MicroVision. The advanced technology is made to implement an effective panic button system for schools and offices that is readily available and within reach when an emergency occurs.

A safe and secure environment is critical for students and staff. In an emergency, you need a panic button system for schools and offices that can signal that assistance is needed and sends an emergency notification to your on-site and/or off-site security team to bring immediate action to the classroom, building, or other area. This is where VisionPro and MicroVision can provide the security that office workers and teachers are requesting at a low cost every budget can afford.

Small push button transmitters can be worn by staff, attached under desks and counters and even wall mounted if desired. When the wireless panic button system is alerted, the transmitter sends a wireless signal identifying the endangered area or individual to any combination of pocket pagers, two-way radios, cell phones, email addresses, or other notification devices. Escalation can even send signals from the wireless panic alarm system for offices and schools to your local 911 center or central monitoring station until the emergency is canceled at the transmitter that originally placed the call for assistance.

Many more safety options are available, including cigarette busters which notify you if a student is smoking in the bathroom, motion detectors that send an alarm if someone enters a monitored area at an inappropriate time, and cameras that you can access from the internet to see what is going on and record the images for later review.

Don't wait until an emergency occurs. With VisionPro and MicroVision, your students and staff will remain out of harm’s way. Ask for a quote today for your upcoming budget meeting and find out just how affordable safety can be.

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