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Systems Technologies Introduces Resident Elopement Beacons

Automatically sends a wander event to staff with resident name and location when a programmed pendant is detected.

Hayden, Idaho (May XX, 2012) – Systems Technologies, an industry leader in wireless nurse call and emergency call systems for healthcare and life safety applications, has introduced elopement beacons to their Vision Link and MicroVision 400Z wireless call systems. Elopement beacons increase patient safety by reducing the risk of a resident wandering from the safety of a monitored area. The National Institute for Elopement Prevention and Resolution describes elopement as, “When a patient or resident who is cognitively, physically, mentally, emotionally, and/or chemically impaired; wanders away, walks away, runs away, escapes, or otherwise leaves a caregiving facility or environment unsupervised, unnoticed, and/or prior to their scheduled discharge.

Upgrades & Equipment for Code Alert, Stanley and Many More

Inexpensive software and hardware upgrades for other manufacturer's discontinued wireless systems

Hayden, ID., June 12, 2012 / -- Systems Technologies®, a leading provider of wireless nurse call and emergency call systems and spread spectrum RF transmission equipment for healthcare, government and industrial applications announces an upgrade available to all current customers as well as any organization requiring emergency alarm notification and wandering patient elopement notification without replacing equipment they already own.

“The Vision Link Wireless Nurse Call System® is designed to provide complete flexibility allowing the customer to add components as needed,

Increase School Safety and Campus Safety with a Wireless Call System

Wireless call systems can provide peace of mind for teachers, students and parents

August XX, 2012 – System Technologies, the leading source of affordable wireless nurse call and emergency call systems, has a wireless call system that can make schools and learning institutions better prepared for life-threatening emergencies. Vision Pro wireless call system is a network of transmitters, reporters, locators and output devices connected wirelessly, alerting the staff when assistance is needed.

Vision Pro from System Technologies is a great addition to any school, learning center, college or university’s security system. Push button transmitters can be installed under desks or counters, carried by faculty members or mounted on the wall. Vision Pro can send emergency notifications from faculty to administration, security, 911 centers, local fire and police departments and smart phones and other email addresses. Wireless call systems are easy to install and can be adapted to small or large facilities. They are flexible and can be integrated with other existing security systems.

System Technologies has other wireless call, monitoring and security systems that are designed specifically for hospitals, medical centers, research facilities, assisted and senior living facilities.

To learn more about wireless call systems and other security monitoring solutions from System Technologies, visit their website at You can also request information by calling their toll free number, 1-888-826-3394, or fill out their online contact form, available on the website.

About System Technologies

Based in Hayden, Idaho, System Technologies is an industry leader in manufacturing, developing and creating emergency call systems for a variety of applications. Established in 1994, System Technologies has since been innovating patient call systems for the healthcare industry.

Vision Link Wireless Nurse Call System Now Listed to UL1069 Edition 7 "Hospital Signaling and Nurse Call Equipment"

Vision Link is One of the Very Few Wireless Systems to Meet This Standard

Hayden, Idaho (October XX, 2012) – Systems Technologies, a leading manufacturer of wireless nurse call and emergency response systems since 1994, has announced that their flagship product, the Vision Link Wireless Nurse Call System, has now been fully tested and listed to the new Edition 7 standard for UL1069 Hospital Signaling and Nurse Call Equipment. Vision Link was formerly listed under Edition 6. In states that now require Edition 7 Vision Link can be installed in all care levels including skilled and acute. This makes Vision Link ideal in Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC) that offer independent living as well as assisted living and skilled care. Staff can use one system throughout to eliminate learning curves and nursing errors.

Vision Link combines a multitude of functionality designed and engineered to provide patient focused care along with safety and security for residents and staff alike. Each unit, floor or building can have a console that displays calls from just that area. The server handles all staff notification and allows management to enter programming that automatically uploads to each unit console. Management can additionally view all alarm events real time, obtain call analysis reports, change staff notification assignments and receive notification of escalated or unanswered calls, whether on site or off-site. The system offers eight types of alarm notification including pager, cell phone, wireless phone, email, two-way radio, central station and more. Vision Link also offers a wide variety of flush mount wall stations for bathrooms, bedside and other applications along with personal pendant transmitters are not just panic buttons but can also be programmed to provide elopement notification, fall alarm notification and location information.

About Systems Technologies – VisionLink Wireless Nurse Call Systems are manufactured in the USA by Systems Technologies, the same company who introduced the first wireless nurse call system in 1995. There are more VisionLink systems installed in long-term care facilities across the USA than any other comparable system, offering individuals and healthcare providers a superior centralized patient technology system. Systems Technologies leads the industry in affordable wireless nurse call and emergency call systems, with several product lines, including: VisionLink Wireless Nurse Call Systems, VisionPro Wireless Emergency Call Systems and MicroVision Wireless Call Systems as well as other wireless safety and security products for the healthcare industry. For more information, visit:

VisionPro Provides Wireless Emergency Notification in Any Setting

Hospitals, Courthouses, Airports, Hospitals - Anywhere Anyone Needs to Press a Button For Help

Hayden, Idaho (November 21, 2012) - Systems Technologies' Vision Pro is a wireless emergency call system designed to provide prompt, accurate notification and messaging services in critical situations. Applicable settings for these services include private residences, gated communities, office complexes, outpatient hospitals, psychiatric clinics, schools and college campuses, airports, convalescent centers, retiree apartment complexes and assisted living facilities. Depending on the setting, the Vision Pro system can deliver a range of life-saving information to centralized computer consoles or directly to individual staff members. Facilities that use the system can typically reduce their costs in several different ways.

In hospitals and similar settings, Vision Pro can act as a nurse call system and gives nurses and other important personnel a way to monitor and respond to emergencies throughout a facility. In addition to life-saving situations directly related to individual patient welfare, nurse call systems allow staff to track the status of stairwell doors, exit doors, smoke detectors and other vital systems or locations. Each individual setup can be customized to the needs of the facility in question. In addition to computer consoles, staff members can receive wireless alerts from the system on devices that include cell phones, two-way radios, personal pagers, PDAs, wireless telephones and wireless readerboards. If desired, facility managers can also use the system to track staff members.

In addition to its ability to issue a nurse call in a medical setting, Vision Pro can be used to issue an emergency call in a wide variety of non-medical settings. In these settings, as in medical environments, the system can monitor motion or glass breakage in sensitive areas, detect smoke, monitor doors and monitor the on/off status of critical equipment. The system can also issue emergency alerts to Homeland Security or other important outside agencies.

Not all facilities have the same needs when it comes to relaying emergency information. Some organizations need nothing more than a simple pager system that reaches a small number of employees, while other organizations need to reach hundreds of employees, or send emergency messages only to certain locations or personnel. Vision Pro is completely scalable to these varying needs, and as a result, companies that use the system can choose a setup that meets their current needs, rather than choosing a setup that they will eventually grow into over time. This flexibility can provide significant short-term cost savings, and also allows companies to upgrade as needed while still keeping their costs at a minimum.

When facilities that use an emergency call system expand, they typically also need to expand their current system to new areas, including entirely new buildings or new wings in existing buildings. If the facility uses a wired system to carry its emergency signals, administrators will inevitably incur considerable expense in order to install the required wires, as well as the conduit needed to carry and protect these wires. Vision Pro, however, is a wireless system that uses modern 900 MHz technology capable of broadcasting a signal over an area roughly equivalent to 100 acres. Administrators who use this system can freely expand within this area while avoiding the expenses associated with wired solutions. In this way, they can significantly reduce the overall cost of organizational expansion.

Company Bio

Systems Technologies is an industry leader in wireless call systems. Since 1995, we have delivered a wide range of products and services for organizations such as long-term care facilities, assisted living facilities and hospice and rehabilitation facilities, as well as schools, gated communities, office buildings, airports, historic buildings and correctional institutions. In addition to safeguarding lives and increasing facility safety, we provide industry-leading cost-effectiveness, product reliability, staff training, product maintenance and ongoing staff support.

Systems Technologies Releases New Feature Pack for MicroVision 200Z® Wireless Emergency Call System

Wireless Call System with Small Desktop Console Designed for Small to Mid-Size Medical and Assisted Living Facilities

Hayden, Idaho (February XX, 2013) – In an effort to continue to provide exceptional products for detection and notification in the healthcare and security industries, Systems Technologies expands its technological offerings with the addition of the MicroVision 200Z® Wireless Emergency Call System. This wireless call system supports up to 48 emergency call stations, making it ideal for small and mid-sized clinics and assisted living homes. The wireless call system transmitters range from pendant-style personal transmitters to emergency pull stations, bed stations with call cords, exit alarms and many more.

The MicroVision 200Z System now offered by Systems Technologies simply plugs into an available electrical outlet at the nurse station or other location. Wireless call stations with up to three colored buttons can be mounted in an exam room to send a signal that a nurse or doctor is needed. The small wireless consoles will provide an audible tone and visually display the room number or name needing assistance. The MicroVision 200Z System allows healthcare facilities to add wireless emergency pull stations in the bathrooms, dome lights over the doors, or code blue stations for priority emergencies and can even call a caregiver or 911 if desired.

The MicroVision 200Z comes with a variety of transmitter options ideal for various medical or security needs. Among these are wireless pendant or wrist transmitters ideal for active patients. This allows users to call for assistance from anywhere in the medical facility. This wireless call system option ensures complete security and gives patients the confidence they need to leave their rooms and work on their wellness.

Exam rooms, psychiatric wards, procedure rooms, waiting areas, dialysis centers, or any place staff or patients may need to signal for assistance is an excellent location for a wireless call system. These vital, life-saving products are simple to use and set up. Systems Technologies manufactures their wireless call systems in the USA. Every product is rigorously inspected and tested to ensure that it meets the industry’s high quality standards and works perfectly when patients and employees are relying on them to call for assistance.

For additional information and pricing of the MicroVision 200Z wireless call system, visit or call 1-888-826-3394.

About Systems Technologies:

Since 1994 Systems Technologies has been an industry leader in the design and manufacture of wireless nurse call and emergency call systems for healthcare and emergency services. The company designs and manufactures patient call systems for use in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, assisted living, senior living, and emergency services. System Technologies offers many options for integrated wireless emergency patient call systems from clinics and senior living buildings to large continuing care communities and campus environments. Among the products the company provides are wireless pendants, call cord bed stations, corridor call lights, emergency pull stations and other call devices on a wireless platform with flexible alarm notification and event escalation including notification to pocket pager, cell phone, email, two way radio, Spectralink and wireless phones, central monitoring station and more.

System Technologies Releases the Industry's Only Four Function Personal Pendant Transmitter

Unique pendant transmitters combine wander alarm, fall alarm, location and push-for-help all in one wearable device

Hayden, ID (May XX, 2013) – Systems Technologies manufactures wireless nurse call and emergency call systems with unique 900MHz spread spectrum pendant transmitters that combine wandering patient alarm, automatic fall alarm, resident location and push-for-help in a conveniently-sized, wearable device that clients find easy to wear and to use.

Systems Technologies is the only company to offer a device with all these capabilities in one so that residents no longer need to be equipped with multiple devices such as a wandering patient tag and wrist or necklace pendant to summon help. Healthcare executives say they are pleased with the feedback they have received on the pendants and find that not only are patients happier, but staff can better serve residents when they know why they are needed and where to find the resident who needs help.

These new personal transmitters can be added to any community without replacing the existing nurse call system although many additional features including eight types of staff notification and mass notification are available including pocket pager, cell phone text message, email, two way radio, telephone dialer and central station monitoring with the addition of the Vision Link computer console.

For more information about Systems Technologies and their unique personal pendant transmitters that are now available, visit them online at

Systems Technologies

Systems Technologies has been manufacturing wireless nurse call systems since1994 and was the first ever to obtain a UL1069 listing for “Hospital Signaling and Nurse Call Equipment

Systems Technologies Now Offers Flexible Two Way Radio Staff Notification

Provides voice announced nurse call alarms and two way communication with other staff members

Hayden, Idaho (July XX, 2013) – Systems Technologies, a leading provider of emergency call systems for nursing homes, assisted living centers and continuing care retirement communities now offers lightweight, inexpensive two way radios for use with the Vision Link Wireless Nurse Call System and VisionPro and MicroVision 400Z Wireless Emergency Call Systems. Staff receives voice notification of any alarm event assigned to them in system programming. Flexible escalation automatically sends the alarm to additional staff members if the event is not canceled within the pre-programmed time interval at the wireless station, fall alarm transmitter, pendant, or any wireless device that originally transmitted the call for assistance.

This allows staff to receive notifications completely handsfree and still be able to call for assistance. If they are busy they can let other employees know so someone else can respond to the alarm and help the patient more quickly. The radio is equipped with a lightweight and nearly invisible surveillance style “headset

Systems Technologies Reports Record Sales of VisionLink Wireless Nurse Call Systems®

Landmark sales deliver premier high quality life safety system

Hayden, Idaho (January XX, 2014) – Systems Technologies, a leading provider of wireless nurse call systems, today reported record sales of its VisionLink® Nurse Call Systems. Vision Link is used in continuing care retirement communities (CCRC), long term care, assisted living, hospitals and senior communities where it is highly prized for its unique ability to meld many patient technology systems into one centralized system which provides patient focused care with superior facility management.

VisionLink is one of System Technologies best selling products because it enhances the care level in any size facility or community – from a single building to a hundred plus acre campus – and is flexible to adapt to the changing needs of a healthcare facility. Vision Link is UL1069 Edition 7 listed for skilled and acute care and will seamlessly integrate with smoke and motion detectors, wandering patient door equipment, pocket pagers, wireless phones, two way radios, iPad’s, iPod's, cell phones, email, central station monitoring and other software and hardware options, giving both patients and caregivers safety and freedom.

The system also offers a unique feature sought out by many healthcare facilities. Through the VoiceLink feature staff members can talk to residents in their rooms, hands free, in addition to wirelessly receiving resident alarms. Any message typed on a computer keyboard can be sent directly to the wireless communication device carried by the individual caregiver or employee group offering staff a way to receive important notifications of holding calls, emergencies or other information without the noise of overhead paging.

To learn more about adding automatic fall alarm, wandering patient notification, statistical call analysis reports or other features, visit or call 1-888-826-3394.

About Systems Technologies:

Since 1994 Systems Technologies has been an industry leader in the design and manufacture of wireless nurse call and emergency call systems for healthcare and emergency services and the first ever to obtain a UL1069 listing for “Hospital Signaling and Nurse Call Equipment

VisionPro Wireless Emergency System Ensures Staff Safety

Most nurses attacked or faced aggressive patients on the job

Hayden, Idaho (March XX, 2014) In a survey of 4,900 nurses and caregivers a worrying insight into the extent of workplace violence has emerged. The survey found that almost 70 per cent of ­respondents had experienced violence or aggression in the past year. Patients were the source of 40 per cent of cases of violence and aggression, with another 40 per cent perpetrated by ­patients’ friends and relatives. About 32 per cent of respondents said they had received no training in managing violence and aggression; and workplace stress resulted in 30 per cent of respondents taking days off work . The recommendations to reduce workplace violence for nursing staff included better security, improved workplace design and identification of patients of risk to staff. The statistics are even worse for workers in the mental health field.

The VisionPro Wireless Emergency Call System is specifically designed to increase staff safety and reduce the workplace violence by providing a personal panic button that each staff member can wear and press if feeling threatened and that automatically transmits a fall alarm if they go down. This immediately notifies on site security including name and location so that help can be immediately dispatched. If the alarm is not canceled at the originating device within the number of minutes selected. the alarm event can send mass notification and/or notify the local 911 center. Alarm events can notify computer workstations, iPads, iPods, pocket pagers, cell phones, two way radios, central monitoring stations and more.

In addition to improved staff safety, VisionPro offers multi-button stations, patient stations and emergency pull stations for infusion, clinic and emergency areas. Other options include vandal resistant emergency stations, corridor and zone LED lights, motion detectors and door/window transmitters for med rooms, storage rooms or other areas where security should be notified if after hours entry is detected.

Systems Technologies

Systems Technologies has been manufacturing wireless nurse call systems since1994 and was the first ever to obtain a UL1069 listing for “Hospital Signaling and Nurse Call Equipment

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