Wireless Emergency Messaging System

product description

Wireless alarms from any transmitter and receiver can be sent to any notification type or combination with escalation until the alarm is canceled. Wireless emergency messaging systems from any patient station, emergency pull station, personal pendant, ventilator, code blue, or other device can annunciate at any nursing station and staff member while security alarms from motion, smoke, water, door exit, window, or patient elopement can notify security staff. Wireless emergency messaging systems provide programmable information including user location for pendant transmitters if desired. Any combination of devices can receive notification.

Notification Types

  • Wireless Telephones (WiFi/DECT)
  • Panasonic, Ascom & Spectralink
  • Desktop and Computer Consoles
  • Email
  • Pocket Pagers
  • iPod
  • iPad
  • Vocera Badge
  • Cell Phones
  • LED Signs
  • Two Way Radios
  • Central Monitoring Station

Wireless Telephone Solution

  • Event Notification
  • Acknowledge Alarm when accepted
  • Forward Alarm if busy
  • Cancellation Alarm
  • Callback Extension
  • Two Way Voice to Room Messaging confirmation

Mass Notification

  • All call notification and group notification from on or off site

Escalation Paths

  • Alarms escalate until resolved.
  • Configurable escalation time and multiple escalation paths (groups, devices).
  • Alarm cancel notification

On Site Paging

  • Message a nurse
  • Free message delivery
  • Ultra-fast message delivery (typically 2 seconds)
  • Full Site Coverage

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patient alert systems
nurse call
ventilator alarms
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Standard Features

  • Windows 10® operating system
  • 900 MHz spread spectrum technology
  • Fully supervised (self-testing)
  • Alarm Calls reset at the source
  • Low battery alert
  • Password protection
  • Visual/audible alarm prioritization
  • User replaceable long-life battery

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