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HUD Housing

HUD stands for housing and urban development, meaning, apartment complexes, college dormitories, and other temporary housing solutions. For such properties, it’s critical to have an emergency alert system in place. Your residents should always feel safe and secure in their housing community. With the use of our HUD emergency assistance alarm system, your residents will always be attended to in a timely manner when needed.

Systems Technologies can equip your community with wireless transmitters, providing management with the assurance that their community members are safe and sound. If a bathroom or bedroom HUD emergency pull cord or personal pendant transmitter is activated, the system will automatically provide notification up to ten different ways such as calling a telephone number or sending a message to cellular phones, pocket pagers, email addresses, or to a central monitoring station and more.

When any HUD emergency assistance alarm system is activated, a signal is instantly and silently sent to all personnel or devices programmed to receive the alarm message. The message includes the apartment number, area, or individual needing assistance. If the alarm event is not cancelled at the HUD system source within a preprogrammed number of minutes, the incident will escalate to cell phones, two-way radios, central monitoring stations, or however best fits your requirements.

Since devices are wireless and alerting is flexible, a gated community or HUD system can start with a few devices and expand the system as needed. Small, inconspicuous repeaters simply plug into an available electrical outlet and ensure that any emergency signals can be transmitted and received whether indoors or outdoors. Vision Link® provides an inexpensive, flexible, scalable, integrated HUD emergency assistance alarm system for communities looking to provide a higher level of safety for all residents.

Equipment options include:

  • Pendant, belt and wrist personal mini transmitters
  • Water detectors for leaks or overflows
  • Equipment or genset on/off notification
  • Door alarm with or without CCTV activation
  • Stairwell or off limit area monitoring
  • Motion Detector
  • Smoke Detector
  • Temperature Detector

Because our systems are wireless, installation is quick, easy and inexpensive. Call today for more information - the safety of your community is worth it!

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