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Assisted living communities are increasingly viewed positively by seniors and their families. These communities typically offer residents more opportunities to socialize and make new friends, provide nourishing meals, help seniors feel safer, and help eliminate stressful driving and strenuous housekeeping and yard work.

Occupancy rates and resident satisfaction are driven both by the quality of care delivered to residents and the quality of life they experience. Residents and their family members need to view your property as inviting, safe, and comfortable. Call systems for assisted living and other technology play a major role in meeting the standards of care required in senior living communities today.

Keeping Residents Safe, Secure, and Comfortable

Systems Technologies can help your facility achieve its goals of keeping senior residents safe and comfortable by supplying you with the tools you need to deliver holistic, person-centered care. While there are many medical alert pendants on the market today, they are typically very limited in their functionality.

Our call systems for assisted living go much further in promoting resident safety with the only four-function medical alert pendant in the industry. Our pendants provide:

  • Call assistance: Pendant features a button the wearer can press for help; pendant also features a call-cancel button that reports the elapsed time between call placement and staff response.
  • Location information: Indicates the pendant wearer’s precise location for improved response times.
  • Fall impact stats: Pendant can be programmed to automatically notify staff when resident has fallen.
  • Elopement risk: Pendant can be programmed to automatically notify staff when resident has wandered off the premises.

Available as a complete nurse call system for assisted living with either a UL 1069 Edition 7 or UL 2560 listing by ETL, a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL), to meet any code requirements in your state. Our equipment is manufactured in the U.S. to ensure the best manufacturing standards, including quality control and independent inspection. For over 25, years Systems Technologies has been the industry-leader for wireless emergency call systems for assisted living facilities. To date, more than 4,000 customers have selected our systems to improve the safety of their facilities.

Call us today for more information about how we can help improve safety for residents and staff in your community with our technologically advanced assisted living nurse call systems.

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