Q: How many devices can I use on the VisionLink® systems?

A: VisionLink® or VisionPro® wireless system can support 65,000 transmitters including pendants, wall stations, door/window, smoke detectors, bed pads, chair pads, floor mat, and/or wheelchair pads with alarms that go to the console and out to the VisionFlex Messenger®.

Q: How many pagers can I use on a paging transmitter?

A: One paging transmitter can support any number of pagers on the same frequency. The system also offers the ability to assign escalating paging, paging groups and manager pagers to ensure your residents receive the assistance they need.

Q: I need dome lights can your system do that?

A: Yes, our patented dome light controller can give you as many dome lights as you need and even provide different lights for different call priorities (red, blue, white, flashing, etc.)

Q: Can I run Statistical Call reports and/or print them from VisionLink®?

A: Yes, the VisionLink® system records the time, room number and duration of all calls enabling staff to develop protocols for quicker response and better care.

Q: What unique features does the VisionLink® system offer?

A: We offer bed turn scheduling, check-in scheduling with your choice of active and/or passive resident check-in, silent text messaging from any station or PBX operator to any staffer or group. You can also create your own device names with five distinct priority levels for customized alarms. Call us toll free and your sales engineer can give you many more features with suggestions on how to use them to improve resident and staff safety.

Q: I already use a wandering patient system, do I have to replace it with yours?

No, VisionLink® easily integrates with most wanderer management, fall monitoring and security equipment so you don't have to replace everything to get a fully integrated system.

Q: My nurses and staff don't like pagers, what alternatives do you offer?

A: With the VisionFlex Messenger® your VisionLink® calls can go to pagers, two way radios, as a text message to cell phones, as a voice message to pre-programmed telephone numbers, to Spectralink or Ascom wireless phones, as a display on readerboards, as an e-mail or to a monitoring service. The call will continue to escalate until answered.

Q: Can VisionLink® send alarms to my existing central station monitoring service?

A: Yes, VisionLink® easily integrates with most central station monitoring services.

Q: I have three floors and would like staff to be able to view and answer calls on all floors. Do I have to put a VisionLink® system on every floor?

A: No. If you want multiple nursing stations or other locations to view all calls in progress you can use your network wiring to connect remote monitors to your VisionLink system without the expense or space requirements of additional computer CPU's.

Q: How hard is the VisionLinkT system to program and set up?

FREE programming available at customer request. Let us take the hassle out of it for you so your system is customized the way you want it at no charge. VisionLink programming is very simple - just fill in the blanks. Easier yet, call our toll free technical support center and your friendly technician will walk you through whatever change you would like to make.

Q: Why is wireless a better choice for us than a traditional wired call system?

Wireless is taking the nation by storm because of the immense cost savings that wireless systems have to offer. Don't throw your money away on a wired system that could be a dinosaur or cost a lot of money to upgrade in a couple of years. Wireless offers you the unique capability to easily upgrade, integrate and customize. PLUS, you don't have to run all that expensive wire, conduit and electrical backboxes that can be damaged or become obsolete over time. Wireless stations can be easily installed and moved giving you much greater flexibility for change.

Q: Do we have to throw away our old nurse call system or can we upgrade it?

A: Easily upgrade or add to an existing system. Our experienced sales department would be happy to help you with any questions from integration to an online demonstration. Call us today toll free at 1-888-826-3394.

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