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The corporate mission of Systemstechnologies, Inc., is to improve life safety in all healthcare and security situations by providing advanced systems and services for monitoring, detection and notification while providing unparalleled customer service and support through constant dedication to improving the skills and environment of our professional engineering and support team.


Systemstechnologies products spring from our VISION: Virtual, Information, Security, Inter-Operable, Network platform. Building on this platform, Systemstechnologies engineers and develops advanced wireless equipment manufactured and tested to the highest standards. Our corporate vision is to enhance the safety and security of staff, caregivers, residents and patients alike through solutions focused on quality of life improvement..

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Systemstechnologies products and services are designed to assist caregivers in a variety of healthcare settings: long term care, acute sub-acute care, rehabilitation, hospice, adult day services, and assisted and independent living as well as security professionals requiring wireless assistance.

Systemstechnologies introduced the first wireless nurse call system in 1995. There are now more VisionLink® systems installed in long term care facilities nationwide than any other comparable system. The success of this line, plus additional products including MicroVision® wireless call systems, VisionPro® wireless emergency systems, VisionTrack® locator systems and integrated patient, staff and asset tracking has resulted in continuous company growth and product enhancement.

Systemstechnologies leads the industry in developing, manufacturing and marketing affordable wireless nurse call and emergency call systems for healthcare and life safety applications. Products are designed with ease of use, reliability and cost-effectiveness in mind. We recognize that technology is only one aspect of effective risk management and quality care. That’s why we also offer comprehensive programs that include training, installation, maintenance, on-going service and support to assist our clients in optimizing their investment in technology. Commitment to our customers is our trademark.

BulletProduct Lines
One call to Systemstechnologies offers access to a wide range of integrated, reliable and cost-effective wireless solutions, including:

  • VisionLink® Wireless Nurse Call System
    The VisionLink® system melds many patient safety technologies into one centralized system that helps to provide patient focused care with superior facility management. It easily installs in almost any size of facility whether a single building or a 100 acre campus, and integrates with smoke detectors, wandering patient door equipment, pocket pagers, wireless phones and other software and hardware options.  It’s flexibility allows us to customize a system to meet the needs of the facility and provide improved safety for patients and managed freedom for residents.
  • VisionPro® Wireless Emergency Call System
    The VisionPro® system combines life safety, security and cost effectiveness.  VisionPro has many uses including staff security with personal transmitters that give an employee location when activated.  It can be used to monitor emergency exits, stairwell doors, water overflow, temperature change or other hazards.  The alarm information can notify any combination of consoles, LED readerboards, central monitoring station, an email address, cell phone, pocket pager or two way radio.
  • MicroVision® Wireless Call System
    MicroVision® Wireless Call Systems come in two sizes for applications requiring under 250 transmitters.  They are used in clinics, group homes, assisted living and senior apartment buildings as well as in various security applications and are available with or without corridor or strobe lights for visual alarm indication.
  • VisionTrack® Wireless Call System
    Developed for DOD and DOE specifications, VisionTrack is the flagship of our Virtual Information Security Inter-Operable Network (VISION) platform.  VisionTrack provides absolute accountability for all personnel and high value assets within a hardened or secure facility and provides notification to security via a choice of outputs if lower level staff nears a higher level asset.

BulletSupport Services
Systemstechnologies welcomes customer calls whether their system was purchased through a local Authorized Vision Systems Distributor or factory direct.  Toll free technical support is available by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and backed by the full staff of technicians and support personnel who are dedicated to providing superb service.  In addition, orientation materials including user manuals, webinars, sample assessment tools and protocol guides are available.  Factory field specialists can also be dispatched to provide on-site installation and repair service.

BulletFuture Plans
We will never lose sight of our fundamental goal:  to provide 100% customer satisfaction.   We will continue to develop programs and products that meet the evolving challenges faced by healthcare and security personnel.  At Systemstechnologies, “Transforming Technology Into Solutions” is not just our motto, it’s our mission.

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