skilled nursing & long term care

Long-term care and skilled nursing facilities face the challenge of providing quality, patient-centered care while staying on budget. VisionLink® can help by providing an affordable technology solution for your facility’s patient alerting and reporting needs.

Easy Installation, Customization, and Upgrade Capabilities

VisionLink® is the ideal nurse call system for nursing homes. The affordable system can be installed quickly and easily at facilities large and small, and it can be integrated with many types of existing systems. Engineered for high reliability and easy maintenance, VisionLink® is customizable and easy to upgrade, based on the changing needs of your facility.

Unrivaled Functionality

In addition to full-feature nurse call system capabilities, VisionLink® provides an integrated platform that includes:

  • Call analysis reports, including elapsed time between call origination and call cancel
  • Bed turn software that activates the dome light over the door and notifies the appropriate CNA
  • Flexible alerting for patients and staff
  • Door and window egress
  • Wandering patient alerts
  • Bed and chair exit pad notification
  • Wireless ventilator alarm, and much more

Multi-Function Pendant Transmitters

VisionLink’s four-pronged pendant transmitters not only alert staff when a patient has pressed the alarm button, the devices also indicate the patient’s location and send notifications when a patient has fallen or wandered outside the monitored area—no other medical alert pendant on the market today has this degree of functionality.

Nurses and other staff members can choose to have notifications delivered to their wireless desktop or computer console, pocket pager, two-way radio, email, telephone, mobile phone, iPad, iPod, and more.

Vision Link® is also available as UL1069 Edition 7 or UL2560 listed to meet any code requirements in your state.

Our affordable nurse call systems for nursing homes have helped the staff members of countless skilled nursing home and long-term care facilities improve their response times and efficiency, resulting in improved patient comfort, safety, and outcomes. Contact us today to find out how VisionLink® can help your facility.

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